Phrases to Describe Me as an Advisor

  • “People say I have a lot of common sense. They come to me whenever they want advice on the best thing to do.”
  • “I’m at my best when pulling apart complex problems and figuring out what’s actually going on.”
  • “I love helping people sort through what’s confusing them to get to the best course of action.”
  • “I’m a very practical thinker. The most important thing for me is always to ask, ‘What is really going to work?'”
  • “I’m not tied to a set way of doing things. So long as what we are about to do is really going to work, I have no problem breaking new ground.”
  • “I’ve found that I’m the teammate people turn to when they’re stuck. I help them get unstuck.”
  • “I love solutions… and always feel I can come up with them, no matter how much of a mess we are in. I can always find a practical way forward.”