About Ben

Welcome to Benjaminrule.com, the source for career and professional information about me as well as industry Notes where I publish my thoughts on current technology and management topics and trends.

Ben Rule is . . .

Several years ago I began thinking about my skills and talents and how I impact organizations and most importantly make a difference in the world.  After years of feedback and self analysis I have arrived at my comprehensive list of attributes which will best describe how I affect the organizations I work for.

  1. INFLUENCER –  I engage people directly and convince them to act. My power is persuasion.
  2. ADVISOR –  I am a practical, concrete thinker who is at my most powerful when reacting to and solving other’s problems.
  3. EQUALIZER –  I am a level-headed person whose power comes from keeping the world in balance, ethically and practically.
  4. STIMULATOR –  I am the host of other people’s emotions. I feel responsible for them, for turning them around, for elevating others.
  5. CONNECTOR –  I  am  a catalyst. I have power in my craving to put two things together to make something bigger than it is now.
  6. PROVIDER –  I sense other people’s feelings and I feel compelled to recognize these feelings, give them a voice and act on them.
  7. TEACHER –  I am thrilled by the potential I see in each person. My power comes from learning how to unleash it.
  8. PIONEER –  I see the world as a friendly place where, around every corner, good things will happen. My distinctive power starts with my optimism in the face of uncertainty.
  9. CREATOR – I make sense of the world, pulling it apart, seeing a better configuration, and creating it.