What is the Best Thing to Do?

I begin by asking, “What is the best thing to do?” and my thrill comes from knowing that I am the person others turn to for the answer. I don’t necessarily want to be the person who actually makes the changes happen. Rather, what excites me is being valued by others for my insight and my judgment. Since I am energized by being the expert, I am constantly on the lookout for information that will help people make better decisions.

When I look out at the world, I pay attention to fine shadings of detail because these details will ensure that I give better advice. I know that the best advice is never general, but rather is tailored to the unique characteristics of the person’s situation. I can be demanding and opinionated, but above all I am discriminating: “good enough” is never good enough for me. There is always a better way, a better arrangement, a better solution, and I come alive when I am called upon to find it. And when I do, I don’t question my decision.

The reason people seek my advice is precisely because I am so assured, so confident in my intuition. Instinctively I know this, and I’m proud of it.